Discover Stategies To Get Vietnam Visa At The Last Minutes?

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Discover Stategies To Get Vietnam Visa At The Last Minutes?

How would you act if your flight will take off immediately plus your online visa application is still in processing? Change the flight, or go back to the Vietnam Embassy to inquire about the help? It's too expensive and also extremely hard! Luckily, Vietnam online visa could be arranged in One to two working hour that will keep your trip.

Normally, Vietnam visa on arrival or online visa could be arranged within 2 or 3 business days at more affordable. However, as a result of some reasons the travelers might not have their visa ready for boarding the flight. They perhaps forget to try to get a visa beforehand, or they can not receive online visa when of departure. In this instance, an urgent online visa is regarded as the productive way to get a visa to Vietnam on the last minutes. The net visa could be arranged within 1 day time, 4 hours, 2 working hours, or even An hour.

Who need urgent visa for Vietnam?
All of the travelers will be needing a visa to Vietnam except the visa exemption national. Men and women need urgent visa in following cases:
- People who forget to get Vietnam visa;
- Anyone who has to participate in urgent business in Vietnam that could stop foreseen;
- Anyone who has a problem with online visa delivery: the departure time is coming if the online visa application still returns “in processing” status;
- People that have an issued online visa containing a blunder or mistake that ought to be corrected in very limited time;
- People who travel Vietnam to aid or their loved ones members in emergency or;
- People that need to attend the funeral of the relatives in Vietnam;

- Be kindly noted that this charge at weekend may greater than the conventional charge and differ from case by case.  
- The overtime service at weekend (Saturday or sunday) can be acquired at Ho Chi Minh City Airport only.

There are many national holidays that you need to know to prevent last minute visa application:
1. New Year Holiday: on 1st January
2. Lunar New Year (Tet Holiday): begin with the very last day's the very last lunar month before the 4th day of the first lunar month;
3. Ancestor Hung King Commemoration: on the 10th day's your third lunar month;
4. Reunification Day: on 30th April
5. International Labor Day: on 1st May
6. Independence Day: on 2nd September.

The evisa method is administrated with the immigration officers who are able to login to check the visa status, grant or reject an evisa depending on the data kept in their system. In principle, when the foreigners didn’t have a problem with Vietnam immigration before and don’t violate Vietnamese laws, are going to granted a visa to Vietnam. Together with the immigration officer’s support, you can find visa done faster.
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